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Digital Brain Instruments offers 50% off "CMixer" Events Broadcasting Software Mixer
6th February 2018

Digital Brain Instruments has announced a 50% off sale promotion for CMixer.

CMixer is a standalone software conceived for events broadcasting purposes, including online radios, talk shows, dialog recordings, speeches, conferences, meetings, podcasting and for small live music events.

It can handle all your audio needs inside the box, while using your favorite plugins to process the audio. Automix, Follow and Gate modes will help you to handle multi microphone broadcasting sessions. This way you can use a computer and a soundcard instead of a hardware mixer to manage your audio broadcasting events.

Run all your outboard equipment through an audio interface, modulars, drum machines, synthesizers, add some plug-ins, set levels and start playing with your outboard without getting distracted into a DAW environment.

Available for Mac & PC.

Sale: 57.50$ (Reg. 115$)

This promotion expires on February 28th. Use the code: CMIXER

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