Le Sound By AudioGaming releases AudioTexture - Concatenative Synthesis for Sound Textures

9th February 2018

Le Sound By AudioGaming has announced the release of AudioTexture.

AudioTexture is based on "concatenative synthesis" which analyzes automatically the sound signal and decomposes it into adaptively defined units (not equal in size, so not the usual granular synthesis) for resynthesis. It is equipped with semantic descriptors for intuitive control to generate many variations from a given sound sample.

The main features are:

AudioTexture comes with 3 descriptor controls in additional to the position control. This is convenient to create various unit sequences based on perceptually meaningful descriptors:

AudioTexture allows to generate infinitely sounds, variations without tedious manual editing.


It is available at 149€ for perpetual license and from 8€/month for Le Sound Bundle subscription.

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