Synth-Presets releases "Pro Studio Verbs" for Acon Digital Verberate with 50% Intro Discount

30th March 2018

Synth-Presets has announced the release of Pro Studio Verbs for Acon Digital Verberate.

Verberate was designed to create highly realistic simulations of real acoustic spaces. With this in mind Synth-Presets created Pro Studio Verbs to take advantage of Verberate's true stereo processing and unique algorithmic design.

Pro Studio Verbs contain 130 reverbs that include:

Audio: SoundCloud.com/synth-presets-com/sets/pro-studio-verbs-for-acon-digital-verberate

Price: $19.98. Use coupon "save25" to save 50% at checkout and 25% off every other set.

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