Triple Spiral Audio releases Empty Fields F.2 - Pack 2 for Omnisphere 2

11th April 2018

Triple Spiral Audio has announced the released of the second pack for the Omnisphere 2 soundset Empty Fields - F.2.

Pack 2 contains 50 patches, 10 multis and 36 soundsources and captures the sound and atmosphere of the transition from winter to early spring. The sounds have a more warm, nostalgic and evolving character. The patches are shown in the second walkthrough video below. All the owners have received an email with a link to pack 2.

Empty Fields – F.2 for Omnisphere 2 is an ongoing project with 10 releases in a one year timespan (every 4/5 weeks a new release). Each release will contain 50 – 70 new patches, 10 – 20 multis and it will use a hybrid setup with using both new recorded material and using soundsources from the Omnisphere 2 core library.

You pay a one time price of €75 and you will automatically receive each new release.

The third pack for this soundset is scheduled to be released in the second week of May 2018.

Walkthrough video from Pack 2: YouTube.com/watch?v=GHVeGHD_ajs

Audio demos: SoundCloud.com/triplespiralaudio/sets/empty-fields-f2-pack-2-demos

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