Acustica Audio releases the free N4 Player

20th April 2018

Acustica Audio has announced the release of the free N4 Player, superseding the previously available N4 free which is now obsolete and no longer available. N4 Player includes important new features and improvements.

N4 Player is a multi-effect plug-in able to emulate a wide range of audio equipment and other electrical, digital or acoustic audio systems, providing an alternative to costly and bulky hardware and opening new paths to creative uses and highly realistic sounds.

N4 Player loads libraries or entire plug-ins, all created by using a dynamic sampling approach and an engine based on Volterra series nonlinear convolution.

N4 Player is, say Acustica Audio, a new free tool to introduce you to a new sound experience.

The release of N4 Player is also accompanied by two new N4 libraries made by 3rd party developers. These are the compressor Mantis and the EQ Bronze.

KVR Audio, Inc.