PlugInGuru MegaMagic: Viola for Omnisphere 2.4 Released

30th April 2018

PlugInGuru.com has announced the availability of MegaMagic: Viola for Omnisphere 2.4.

Featuring 330 carefully crafted samples used in 15 variations/articulations, this is a library that brings new orchestral colors to Omnisphere 2.4. By using Multis that contain up to 8 samples mapped across the keyboard, MegaMagic: Viola brings solo viola with vibrato, no vibrato, crescendo, down/up stroke, pizzicato, spicatto up stroke, spicatto down stroke, marcato, motion slow, motion fast, motion harmonics, motion whisper and 4 composite sounds made by combining MegaMagic: Cello, MegaMagic: Pads, MegaMagic: Bells & Winds, Del Norte and Viola samples to create: Regalscape, Dreamscape, Flutterscape and Pizzicatoscape.

The 11 main articulations come in 3 different treatments: Dry, Ambient (AMB) and MegaMagic (MM). Dry is the original recordings. Ambient are processed to sound like a concert hall reverb is recorded into the samples. MegaMagic are processed with 3 unique reverbs to create a lush 12 second reverb that rings out with a "magical quality" that is a trademark of all 9 MegaMagic libraries available at the PlugInguru.com website.

This library contains 128 patches, 81 Multis which stretch far beyond just solo viola samples. Produced by John Lehmkuhl (owner of PlugInGuru.com) - the doors were once again opened to PlugInGuru.com customers to purchase a $2 demo version of the library (still available), create patches and submit them back for consideration of being added to the full version of the library. John believes in including his customers in his products in unique and new ways. By doing this, over 25 other programmers (ranging from professional to 1st time amateurs) have their work included in this library making it a far richer in depth library than if just 1 person made all the patches. So while orchestral composes with Omnisphere 2.4 will be happy, so will people that want more "outside the box" uses of orchestral string samples.

NOTE: this library requires Omnisphere 2.4 to work. Not compatible with earlier versions of Omnisphere 2.

Price: $49. MegaMagic: Viola is available for $42 until May 10th.

Walkthru: YouTube/hugFip8YIpU

Audio Demos: SoundCloud.com/pluginguru/sets/megamagic-viola-for-omnisphere-24

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