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Vienna Symphonic Library releases Synchron FX Strings I
31st May 2018

The Vienna Symphonic Library has announced the release of Synchron FX Strings I, the company's first Collection that includes production-ready textures and loops, played by a 50-piece string orchestra and recorded at Synchron Stage Vienna. The library comes with the brand new Synchron Player that offers streaming and simplicity. Given the broad variety of sounds and the multitude of microphone positions, users may create their individual sound intuitively and in real-time with preconfigured controllers. Synchron FX Strings I is currently available at a special introductory price through June 30, 2018.

Production-ready textures and loops
For the first time in the history of the Vienna Symphonic Library, Synchron FX Strings I includes a wide variety of musical phrases and effects, played by a 50-piece string orchestra and captured at the company's own scoring stage, Synchron Stage Vienna. The tonal and atonal recordings enable users to create complex musical textures easily and expressively – from ethereal, atmospheric soundscapes to pulsating melodic ornaments, suspense clusters and aggressive strikes. The flexible patches provide infinite creative options, as almost everything may be combined with anything. Presets are available in ten categories: Spherical Textures, Spherical Chord Textures (based on the so-called "Alpha chord"), Character Textures, Glissandos, Rises & Hits, Clusters, Harmonic FX, Pizzicato FX, Special Pads, and Inspiration XFades. With three preconfigured controllers (bow style, velocity and density) users may shape their individual timbre intuitively and in real-time, e.g., by gradually blending from a basic to a more complex and agile variation of a pattern.

50 musicians – 50 microphones
Like previous products of Vienna's Synchron Series, Synchron FX Strings I was recorded with the exceptional acoustics of the company's refurbished 540 m² (5,813 sq. ft.) Synchron Stage Vienna that is rated one of the best-sounding scoring stages in the world. A special feature of this new Synchron Series library is the sheer quantity of microphones that were used: Every string player of the 50-piece orchestra was captured with a dedicated close microphone. For better handling and quick access, six stereo down-mixes – one for each ensemble section – can be accessed via the Synchron Player's internal mixer. Further stereo and room mic arrays enable users to mix their individual string ensemble sound in stereo, 5.1 surround, or even 9.1 immersive audio formats (such as Auro 3D or Dolby Atmos).

All-new Synchron Player
Synchron FX Strings I comes with the company's dedicated Synchron Player that incorporates a brand new audio playback engine built from the ground up. The software's Perform view allows for quick access to all preset categories, variations and the pre-configured controllers. The full-fledged internal mixer comes with panorama controls, an algorithmic reverb, 5-band EQ, phase switching and individual delay settings for runtime compensation of the various microphone signals.

Introductory Offer
Synchron FX Strings I is currently available at $294 (Standard Library, reg. $354) and $552 (Full Library, reg. $648) through June 30, 2018. Additionally, the Synchron Package that includes all products of the new Synchron Series (Synchron Percussion I, Synchron Strings I, Yamaha CFX, and Synchron FX Strings I) is currently available at a discounted bundle price.

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