Triple Spiral Audio releases Cloud Atlas for Omnisphere 2

12th June 2018

Triple Spiral Audio has released Cloud Atlas for Omnisphere 2. Inspired by the famous book by David Mitchell, Cloud Atlas is designed to provide sounds to start a journey filled with mysterious leads, haunting basses, lush and evolving analog pads, neo-futuristic and dystopian soundscapes and raw and tribal arpeggiated sounds.

This soundset is completely created with new sound-sources from original recordings of a variety of synths (ARP Solina SE IV, Roland D50 and Super JV-1080 to name a few), from TSA's custom modular setup and, as well, several custom created soundscapes from different guitar and woodwind recordings mangled in different ways through a variety of amps, effects and modules.

In total there are 200 presets, 20 multis and 120 sound-sources.

Owners of the Season Pass get 50 extra bonus presets and 10 multis and both versions have been added to your account. If you wish to purchase the Season Pass, you will receive the Cloud Atlas and the bonus soundset automatically.

Price: €44.95. There is an introduction price of €37.95 until the 26th of June.

Video walkthrough: YouTube.com/watch?v=8f00gd35cuU

Audio demos: SoundCloud.com/triplespiralaudio/sets/cloud-atlas

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