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Acustica Audio releases Water suite with Intro Offer
14th June 2018

Acustica Audio has released Water, a VST/AAX/AU suite crafted with the goal of reproducing the sonic behavior of rare vintage hardware devices and includes new features designed to make it flexible and suitable for the demands of modern productions.

Water includes three different plug-ins:

Water EQ is created from an original passive stereo Germanium topology EQ unit dating back to 1961 and a set of 'Homebrew' additional hardware circuits, hand-built using original components and sampled by SoundDrops (SteDal). SteDal's meticulous designs, following the original circuit schematics, includes not just 9dB of boost for the MID band, as it is in the original, but also a 9dB of cut. There are also added extra frequency choices for the LF and HF bands and the high-pass filter, and mid-side and dual-mono operation modes.

Water Limiter/Compressor is based on a 1968, discretely built, diode bridge device. It is designed to give a smooth coloration that is reminiscent of classic tube devices. Made in the '60s the hardware is very rare to find these days. Included are the the extras of an attack shape modulation control, high-range HPF in the side-chain, some additional faster release curves derived from the Ebony mod. D473 VCA compressor, the ability to switch on and off the pass-though tone of the original HW unit, and a dry/wet control for parallel compression.

Water is based on the latest CORE 12 tech by Acustica.

Price: €129.00. Available as a digital download immediately after payment. Special pre-sale price of €103.20 (15% off) for the first four weeks after release. There is a free 4-week trial license available.

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