Zero-G announces Drum Styles (KON/REX/WAV)

25th October 2005

Zero-G has announced the imminent release of Drum Styles, a new range of style-based acoustic drum loops and single hits - over 1.4 Gb in total - including western contemporary rhythms such as funk, hip hop, jazzdance, rock, drum & bass, crossover, house etc., together with jazz and many examples of the more exotic equivalents of swing, for instance reggae, baion, highlife, latin, batucada, etc. As a bonus there are lots of percussion loops to add into the mix, and of course the single hit drum sounds, for customizing your own rhythms.


Drum Styles was performed and produced by Taco Gorter (Drums, production), Charley Dumerniet (Production, engineering, editing), Jasper de Boer (Production, engineering) and Erwin Klaassen (Editing & drum track mastering).

Drum Styles will be available from late October / early November 2005 and will cost £59.95 / €89 / $99.95. A listing of the DVD contents and demo MP3 songs are already available.

KVR Audio, Inc.