Fujiya Instruments releases Junk Guitar Free for Kontakt

22nd July 2018

Fujiya Instruments has released Junk Guitar Free for Kontakt, an electric guitar sample library for Kontakt 5.


Articulations: Downstroke / Upstroke / Single note sustain / Single note Realtime Legato Slide / Single note Realtime Hammer-On & Pull-Off / Single note palm-mute (Soft & Hard) / Single ghost note / Pinch harmonics / Natural harmonics / Picking Tremolo / Trill / Chop (Extra Attacks) / 5th-dyad chord sustain / 5th-dyad chord Realtime Legato Slide / 5th-dyad chord palm-mute / 4th-dyad chord sustain / 4th-dyad chord Realtime Legato Slide / 4th-dyad chord palm-mute / Octave-dyad chord sustain / Octave-dyad chord Realtime Legato Slide / Quarter bend / Unison bend / Hand stop noise / Pick stop noise / Glissando (Down & Up) / Scrape / Chord Stroke (Major, Minor, 7th, sus4) / Chord Ghost note.

Sample size: 570MB (44.1kHz, 24-bit).

Price: Free - Kontakt 5.8.1+ format only. The sample library requires the full retail version of Kontakt, so it is not compatible with the free Kontakt Player.


KVR Audio, Inc.