Acustica Audio releases Magenta4 bundle with Intro Offer

30th July 2018

Acustica Audio has released Magenta4.

The upgrade is characterized by a GUI restyling, better sound quality, with a much lower CPU strain, a completely resampled EQ section, the inclusion of plenty of highly sought after devices, and a new engine based on the latest technological developments of their CORE 12.

Magenta4 is a suite that includes six different plug-ins:

  1. Magenta4 channel-strip.
  2. Magenta4 Pre (preamps standalone module).
  3. Magenta4 EQ (equalizer standalone module).
  4. Magenta4 EQ Stereo (stereo equalizer standalone module).
  5. Magenta4 Comp (compressor standalone module).
  6. Magenta4 Comp Stereo (stereo compressor standalone module).

Specifically, this plug-in includes the emulations of the following gear:

Price: €199. There is a special pre-sale price of €169.15 (15% off) for the first four weeks after release or until first official version is released.

This upgrade is free to all who already own a Magenta 3 license.

KVR Audio, Inc.