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Patchpool releases Thorned for Thorn
1st August 2018

Patchpool has released Thorned for Thorn, a soundset for the Thorn synthesizer by Dmitry Sches.

This soundset explores the sonic boundaries of Thorn to the maximum, covering a wide range of sounds from evolving pads, exciting overtone textures and complex drones to gritty rhythmical sequences in different time signatures, expressive keys, pluck and lead sounds, punchy basses, soundscapes and some experimental textures.

For this library, all wavetables, samples, single-cycle waveforms and shapes for the harmonic filter were created from scratch, either by re-synthesizing dedicated samples or manually within Thorn's editors. Many patches use tempo-synced modulations for filter, amplitude, panning and oscillator effects, all presets have the modulation wheel assigned enabling the user to deeply interact with the sounds, many presets also use aftertouch and velocity as a modulation source.

You can view/download the PDF for this library with more details, the licence agreement and the patchlist including descriptions for each patch here.


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Price: €30.

KVR Audio, Inc.