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KX77FREE releases major update of all 64-bit plug-ins
24th August 2018

KX77FREE has released major updates of the 64-bit versions of Kx Synth x16 (6.09), Kx PolyM CSE (2.09), Kx PolyMod (2.09), Kx Modulad (4.09) and SE PolyMod KX (1.07) including important improvements to the user interface.


Only the SE PolyMod KX is available in AU plug-in.

Watch "Electronic Matrix - The witch with rainbow apron", Cubase session in 96k, 14 instances of x64 VST3, 16 min, encoded in WMA 24-bit/96k: YouTube.com/watch?v=IrCsPuxfK9k

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