Ueberschall releases Electro Beats Pop (Elastik soundbank)

30th August 2018

Ueberschall has released Electro Beats Pop (Elastik soundbank) produced by J.Holo. As part of the Inspire series, Electro Beats Pop is designed to provide a huge collection of "super-cool drum beats and super-powered synth loops for electronic music producers and media composers looking for fresh inspiration".

Electro Beats Pop spans over 3.6GB of sample data and contains more than 850 individual loops and phrases with a length of eight bars. The material features 32 punchy drum beats, all of which include a full drum mix and single-track loops for each of the kick, snare, claps, hihat, percussion and FX so you can roll your own variations. Multiple kick drums are available per kit suited for variations or break parts. Separate collections of synth-based percussion, modular synth percussion, sound FX, uplifters (synth risers) and downsweeps (synth drops) are also included to give your beats maximum impact.

The collection of complementary instrument loops include synth bass, sub bass, digital synths, synth arpeggios, synth sequences, lead-lines, solos, pads and even some guitars. With Elastik's pitch and tempo manipulation tools, mixing and matching loops from across the entire library is easy.

Elastik is intended to be an ideal tool for loop-based music production. The ReTune algorithm gives you complete control over the scale and key of any tonal loop, polyphonic or monophonic. This way, you can easily combine loops from different libraries. All loops in Electro Beats Pop include information about the base key and tempo, making fast searches and immediate song-integration possible.

Price: 99,- Euro - Elastik Player included - no sampler required.

KVR Audio, Inc.