D16 Group releases Fazortan 2 (Win & Mac, VST & AU) introducing AAX format

11th September 2018

D16 Group has announced the release of Fazortan 2, a Controllable Space Phaser. The basic design and sound is based on a retro phaser from the 70s but has been expanded to take advantage of the flexibility software can provide. The new version introduces improved emulation of all-pass circuits that can be found in analog equivalents.

Full control over two LFOs (waveform, rate, depth and offset) is now available. Unlike in the hardware unit Fazortan's LFO works in various waveform modes: square, sinus, ascending saw, descending saw and random (only triangle is available in original).

By using both LFOs simultaneously you are able to obtain results that owners of the hardware box could only dream about. Endless contour diversity stretches results from a monotonous sluggish swing to become a "gurgling scrumble", just by a slight repositioning of the the rate knob. Additionally it is now possible to add consecutive all-pass stages as well as regulate the feedback effect. The amount of stages translates to how many humps and pits reside in the converted sound spectrum while the feedback parameter value implies the severity of these irregularities. A Feedback knob gives you sounds from soft to rapid and drilling. Additionally each LFO can be modified by altering its respective phase giving, as a result, an improved panning of the incoming signal.


Fazortan 2 comes with several new features improving the user experience, providing better quality of processing path and expanding plug-ins compatibility:

Price: 49 Eur - Until October 12th, 2018 it can be purchased for an intro price, which is 39 Eur.

For Fazortan 1 owners and remaining loyal customers D16 Group has prepared special offers, which are now being delivered via email to registered users (appropriate coupon codes has already been deposited in User Area accounts).

Activation and downloading Fazortan 1 for its licensees remains lifetime, but technical support ceases in 6 months since Fazortan 2 release.

KVR Audio, Inc.