Roland updates SYSTEM-8 software synth to v1.2

19th September 2018

Roland has announced that the "Summer of SYSTEM-8" update is live (v1.2).

The Roland SYSTEM-8 software synth is an exact duplicate of the hardware SYSTEM-8, and Roland has adapted the all-new features from the latest 1.2 SYSTEM-8 hardware patch and applied them the Roland Cloud software version.

2 new FM oscillators
For this update, the software SYSTEM-8 receives 2 new FM oscillators, each with 6 variations. This basically equates to having 12 new oscillators as part of the SYSTEM-8. The first variation has six FM waveforms produced by two sine-waves and the second variation has a combination of three sine-wave operations and two triangle wave oscillators.


5 new Filter variations
Roland Cloud has added 5 new filter options. These options now include the famous JUPITER-8 and JUNO-106 high and low pass filters. Ever wondered what an FM synth with a JUPITER-8 filter would be like? Now you can find out. There are two new formant filters that recreate the human voice. There's even a new harmonic filter that uses feedback to vary the overtone.


KVR Audio, Inc.