Mercuriall Audio releases "SS-11X" Tube Preamp Sim for Mac & Win VST, AU and AAX

25th September 2018

Mercuriall Audio has released their newest product, SS-11X, based on a tube preamp AMT SS-11 (versions A and B).

Here's what they say:

Fender-style clean sound, roaring crunch and lead tones - it's all there. The project is officially approved and supported by AMT Electronics, who supplied Mercuriall with electric circuits, hardware prototypes and production 3D models. It opened a possibility to model the SS-11X in extreme detail, making it virtually impossible to distinguish the sound difference between hardware or software.

One of the aims of this project was to create a very simple and affordable software with a friendly and attractive user interface, as well as lower system requirements. Even though the main objective was modeling the preamp, Mercuriall included some other important features. The SS-11X has a noise gate, a collection of overdrive pedals, cabinet IR loader, reverb IR loader and an option to choose the preamp tubes. This lets anyone create a solid guitar sound quickly and effortlessly within one simple window.

SS-11X opens a new chapter in the history of Mercuriall Audio - it is the first product where the brand new in-house technology named Neural Hybrid Engine is used. It is a much more precise, flexible and faster method for modeling electric circuits. As pioneers of integrating neural networks in amp sims, it took Mercuriall 5 years of research and development to create the Neural Hybrid Engine and successfully build SS-11X using it. A tube curve tracer machine was also used to make sure each tube model is unique, just as in real life.

Supported platforms and formats:

Minimal system requirements:

Preamp section:

Pedals and FX section:

IR section:

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