Ample Sound releases Ample China Pipa with 20% off

4th October 2018

Ample Sound has announced the release of Ample China Pipa, the first product in the Traditional Chinese Instrument series, also the first using the Ample Sound Engine 3.0.

Ample China Pipa is composed of two sample libraries: Master (traditional Pipa timbre) and Expert (modern style). The recording used AB and MS stereo techniques, with four microphones. The software is encrypted with the iLok Anti-Piracy system.

Featured Artists:

Featured Instrument:

System Requirements:



New features of v3 Engine:

Retail Price: $169. An introductory price of $135 (20% off) is available until November 5th 2018.

Demo Videos

Ample China Pipa Preview

Wild Rose

ACP-5 Elements of Power

The Land Of Woods And Waters

Golden Snake Dance

ACP-Bamboo Dance

Pipa Wisper

Demo songs

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