Sound Dust releases "Sponge Bass" for Kontakt with intro offer

6th October 2018

Sound Dust has released Sponge Bass a Kontakt sample library fearing a Hofner President Bass + flatwound strings x bathroom sponge.

Here's what they say:

Based around the lovely warm, woofy, woolly thud of Carol Kaye (who played on all the good Beach Boys records), Motown bass legend James Jamerson and even Paul McCartney at a push, Sponge Bass is made from 1,296 round robin samples of a Hofner President bass loaded with flatwound strings and a sponge tucked under the bridge.

8 layers of round robin picked and fingered articulations are selected via velocity. The Kontakt engine has options for sculpting and re-amping, a system for realistically playing notes across all four strings, and a humanized arp/sequencer.


An introductory offer gets 20% off the £25/$33 price until 21st October 2018.



KVR Audio, Inc.