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Channel Robot announce Everything-4-Ever
18th October 2018

Channel Robot has announced the immediate availability of their Everything-4-Ever subscription service.

Everything-4-Ever is a simple proposition. Subscribers have access to all existing Channel Robot products and all future products. Everything-4-Ever offers an unlimited download service, connected subscribers can download products as often as they wish, and they get to keep and use these products forever.

Everything-4-Ever products do not require continued subscription or connectivity to work and subscribers can cancel their subscription at any time. Products have their authorisation codes pre-baked for each subscriber saving time getting up and running with each product.

Everything-4-Ever subscribers currently have access to 20 Kontakt instruments with additional instruments scheduled at one per month for the next 10 months.

Details of the service and a list of the currently available products can be found on the Channel Robot web site.

Current pricing for Everything-4-Ever is £8.95 per month.

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