Three-Body Technology releases Raindrop & Blade - Chinese hammered dulcimer Yangqin for Mac & Win

25th October 2018

Three-Body Technology has announced the release of its 3rd product: Raindrop & Blade. Now available for $149.

A traditional Chinese instrument called Yangqin, based on a Chinese hammered dulcimer. With the concept "not only capture the sound of the instrument, but also present the feeling of ancient China", Raindrop & Blade aims to bring the beauty and mystery right into your studio, rather than experiencing it from some books or TV shows about ancient China.

Raindrop & Blade includes a completely self-developed, high-performance sample engine with effects from H7S and 108 MIDI patterns made by professional Chinese Yangqi musicians.

Check the video to hear it for yourself: YouTube


Sample Engine:


Sound Field:

Convolution Reverb:

Pattern Library:



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