Mix Challenge - Competitions in November 2018

30th October 2018

The Mix Challenge competitions start off with two games this month.

The following challenges are currently open to compete in:

  1. Mix Challenge #049:
    • Have a chance to work on a Blues production.
    • Deadline: 21st of November.
  2. Songwriting Competition #015:
    • The theme being "Test your Metal".
    • Create a production in the Heavy Metal genre.
    • Deadline: 24th of November.

Prizes will be awarded to the Winners Podium. Among them: Acon Digital, Bjulin Waves, Black Rooster Audio, Ghostwave Audio, Hollow Sun, Hornet Plugins, kv331 audio, Luftrum, Metric Halo, MuTools, NOS Audio, Nyrv Systems, Rekkerd Songs, Satyatunes Graphic and Sound Design, Tone2 and Two Notes Audio Engineering.

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