JWP releases Drum Module - Drum Synthesizer with Note Based Tuning and Tempo Based Decay for Windows VST

2nd November 2018

JWP has released Drum Module, a drum synthesizer with note based tuning and tempo decay.

Drum Module is a standard drum synthesizer with 15 different drum sounds and uncommon controls for a drum which include:

Note based tuning is crucial for tuning to the tonic of a composition and tempo based decay takes the guess work out of drum decay. The key switcher allows for changing decay divisions right from the sequencer.

Individual modular controls are presented on separate pages with a simplistic style and full modular text labels. Great for a beginner who is just learning synthetic drum techniques:

The waveform multiplier acts as a type of overall volume and controls the volume right at the source of the wave forms.

The included preset banks are root notes with tom interval spacing. Tom interval spacing goes from 5 intervals (default) to 1 interval. An additional bank is included with major and minor tom interval spacing for all standard notes.

The individual sounds have standard controls including:

The Virtual Studio Technology instrument (VSTi) is a VST2 32-bit plugin developed in SynthEdit 1.1. The audio plug-in was tested on Windows 10 in FL Studio 20.

Included with the Demo release is a zip or installer, complete with manual and presets.

Price: $17 CAD. Visit the website for more details.



KVR Audio, Inc.