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NoiseAsh releases Action Delay Plugin with Intro Offer
6th November 2018

NoiseAsh has announced the release of the Action Delay plug-in for macOS and Windows in VST, AU and AAX formats.

Action Delay is a Delay, Chorus, Reverb, LoFi processor combination - 4 in 1.

NoiseAsh say "We have designed Action Delay with this reasons: Full Power – Simplicity – Creativity. Mixing this goals together is a hard task that requires hard work. But at last, this beauty was born. Just plug Action Delay to your track and after twisting a couple of knobs, boom. You'll get what you need so so simply now. You can combine built-in processors with delay section, so you will be able to produce creative delay effects with an easy & fun way."

Every parameter is designed to give the shortest and the most varied result. So you won't get drowned in dozens of parameters. A built-in reverb to glue your delayed & dry signals together is included. There are 3 reverb types.

The Lo-fi degrade parameter can give extra harmonics on your delays. It can be used for creative, experimental sound fx too.

Classic tape delay, ping pong delay, wide stereo sync delay, haas effect, long sequenced delays, experimental psychedelic sound design effects, etc. are all possible.


Intro Price: $29.90 (Reg. $90).

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