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FeelYourSound releases MelodicFlow for Logic Pro X
14th November 2018

FeelYourSound has announced the release of MelodicFlow for Logic Pro X.

MelodicFlow has only been available as a VSTi plug-in so far (Windows, macOS). With the new AU version, Logic Pro X users can use it in their projects as well.

MelodicFlow is a MIDI performance and song-writing plug-in to create and play basslines, hooks, and melodies quickly. You will never sound off, as all your input is mapped to the right notes instantly.

The concept is simple:

  1. Connect MelodicFlow to another instrument inside your DAW (Logic Pro X: Insert MelodicFlow in the MIDI Effect slot of a track. Then add an instrument in the Instrument slot).

  2. Send chord notes to MelodicFlow on the lower octaves. This way the plug-in knows which harmonies are important for your song.

  3. Pick one of the seven operation modes and choose a scale (over 300 scales available).

  4. Now play on the white keys of the higher octaves. Depending on the operation mode MelodicFlow will automatically convert these keys to harmonic notes that fit to your chords and the chosen scale.

There are also special black keys that are useful for your song writing. The C#6 for example will play all the notes of the current chord at once. Take a look at the comprehensive manual to find out more.

You can see MelodicFlow in action here: YouTube.com/watch?v=8MXPT-cfJO8

Pricing, availability, and discount:

MelodicFlow is available at feelyoursound.com/melodicflow for $45 / 39 EUR. All updates are free forever. Enter melodic15 at the checkout page to get a 15% celebration discount (valid until 2018-11-20).

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