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accSone updates crusher-X to v7.5 - major upgrade
13th December 2018

accSone has announced the release crusher-X 7.5.

This major upgrade comes with several new features like latency compensation, a surround capable multichannel, free spline editable compressor/expander/limiter and a unique modulation freezer. It comes with a latency optimized grain processing engine, MPE, offline rendering and several UI optimizations. And it improves accessibility for visual impaired / blind composers.

Learn more about all the new crusher-X 7.5 features here.

This update is not free for crusher-X 7 users so accSone has introduced a special upgrade offer (until 1st Jan 2019) for owners of all minor crusher-X, crusherX-Mac!, crusherX-Studio! or crusherX-Live versions.


All prices incl. VAT. For outside EU residents VAT will be removed.

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