PlugInGuru releases Airwave V3 and V3 Loops for Omnisphere 2.5

14th December 2018

PlugInGuru.com has released Airwave V3 and Airwave V3 Loops for Omnisphere 2.5 featuring dance and trance patches, grooves, sound effects and more made by DJ Airwave aka Laurent VĂ©ronnez. This is the 3rd and most diverse library of his series for Omnisphere. While complementary to the other 2 libraries, this one also is designed to stand out on with sweeps, risers, hits, booms and even a set of video game patches made 100% with synthesis.

Both libraries incorporate 4 real-time modulation sources: MIDI CC# 01 (Mod Wheel), 02 (Breath Controller), 04 (Foot Controller) and 67 (Soft Pedal) so that you have more flexibility to alter the sounds. With so many hardware controllers with knobs/faders, it's very easy to use them to control 4X more elements in a sound or groove.

Airwave V3 contains 510 Patches, 95 Multis with 133 new samples (drums, sweeps, transitions, risers, booms, crash fx, claps and more). The library works in a "modular" layout where you can create an entire track and never sound the same twice.

This library contains: 11 Synth Bass / 59 BPM Bass / 12 BPM Arp / 268 BPM Drum (Kick, Snare, Claps Hats, Perc & more) / 11 BPM Pads / 26 Game Synth Patches / 65 FX Hits / 25 Riser/Transitions / 11 Keys / 12 Pads & 95 Multis which include Full Production Grooves (Bass/Chords/Drums) plus Drum Grooves, Percussion Grooves, Effect based Grooves as well as Drum and Effect Menus for easy production use.

Airwave V3 Loops is a library of 267 Dance drum loop Patches in Omnisphere 2.5 format. This library uses the combination of Granular synthesis, a tempo sync'd LFO and the Arpeggiator to keep the drum loops in sync with a DAW. There are huge multi OSC Drum Loop patches as well as 16 Multis that take the loops into more flexible territory since each of the patches can be bussed to separate outputs. NOTE: Granular synthesis is CPU Intensive so working with larger buffer size and bouncing/freezing are options.


There is also a 30% off Bundle for both Libraries plus a 40% off price for all 4 Airwave Libraries. All other libraries at PlugInGuru.com are on sale for 30% thru the remainder of the year until January 3rd, 2019.

Airwave Demos at SoundCloud

Airwave V3 and V3 Loops Patch Walkthru

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