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Soniccouture Flash Deal 2: The Hammersmith Piano Professional Edition $99 | €89 - 55% Off
15th December 2018

Soniccouture is offering Hammersmith Professional Edition for $99 | €89 for one day.

7 Days 7 Deals
From 14th to 21st December Soniccouture is launching an exclusive flash deal every day - but each one only lasts 24 hours.

Day 2 Deal 2
Get the warhorse that is The Hammersmith Steinway D, recorded in British Grove studios, London, for 55% off. The deal also applies to upgrades from Hammersmith Std. Edition.

To get the deal enter the following code at checkout: 7DAYPIANO

Offer ends 9 AM (PST) 16th December.

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