Three-Body Technology releases v1.5.0 major update for Heavier7Strings

25th December 2018

Three-Body Technology has updated Heavier7Strings to version 1.5.0, a major update that includes improvements, bug fixes, 10 new effects, and more than 40 new patterns.

Improvements and Bug Fixes:

New features:

New effects

4 brand new effects: MetalBall, Perry 65535+, SOLO 1000 and DualRectangle through new techniques of guitar AMP modeling. Intended for heavy metal and rock. Combined with two distortion modules added in version 1.2.

WahX is a new wah-effect modeled seven classical wah-wah pedal devices. The pedal can be controlled manually, or by LFO and envelope tracker.

There are more than 40 new patterns based on new effects.

KVR Audio, Inc.