Cherry Audio releases Ladder Filter and Euclidean Duel for Voltage Modular

3rd January 2019

Cherry Audio has announced the release of Ladder Filter and Euclidean Duel for Voltage Modular, which has been updated to v1.1.4.

Ladder Filter
Free for all Voltage Modular Core users. Based off the famous transistor ladder filter patented by Bob Moog in 1966, and made famous in the Moog Modular and Minimoog synthesizers in the 1960s and 1970s, this filter is the definition of raw, raunchy, and powerful. Turn up the Saturation knob for even more overdriven tone. Cutoff, Resonance (or "Emphasis"), and Saturation are all CV-controllable, too.

If you own Voltage Modular Core, be sure to upgrade to the new Voltage Modular 1.1.4. Then you'll receive the Ladder Filter in your library.

Euclidean Duel
A dual trigger sequencer based on the Euclidean geometric principle, where a selectable number of triggers are evenly distributed around the arc of a circle. It's fantastic at creating unique rhythmic patterns, especially when both sequencers are used "against" each other to trigger percussive sounds. Features extensive CV mod inputs for real-time pseudo-random music creation.

Euclidean Duel is $20 in the Cherry Audio store. Free demo available.

Voltage Modular 1.1.4 Update
Voltage Modular 1.1.4 update includes new capabilities for module developers, and is required to use the latest modules. Voltage Modular users should visit their Voltage Modular library and new modules will appear in the library.

KVR Audio, Inc.