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Multiton Bits releases Lo-Fi Drum Modules
13th January 2019

Multiton Bits has released Lo-Fi Drum modules featuring three machines that were commonly used in home studios in the 90's. Lo-Fi Drum Modules includes Akai XR-10, Boss DR-550, Roland SC-88 loops and one-shoots plus an additional 51 melodic loops created using resynthesized sounds of these now old-school modules.

Beside 120 drum loops and 148 one-shoots you will find distorted basses, lively pads, background sounds and various FX (produced from drum hits), 3 NI Battery Kits as well as an Ableton Live Set with all one-shoots to complete this collection of 3 early 90's instruments.


Price: $24. There is an intro price of $17 until 21 January 2019.

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