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u-he releases Twangström, a flexible spring reverb featuring a shake control
14th January 2019

u-he has announced the release of Twangström (Mac / Windows / Linux), their new spring reverb.

Much more than a simple blast from the past for Dub Reggae fans, twangy guitar playing '60s surfers and '70s retro rockers, Twangström is designed to be an ultra flexible box of tricks.

u-he took three popular reverb tanks, and added a multimode filter, a dynamic envelope follower, an LFO, and tons of modulation options.

Twangström's deep physical modelling is intended to mimic every movement and transformation inside the tank, so it works like the real thing: The springs can interact with each other (and with the suspension system) in real time.


Price: $69.00.

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