Teenage Engineering introduces the "Poor Man's Modular" - 16, 170 & 400

22nd January 2019

Teenage Engineering has announced the Pocket Operator Modular Series. A contrast to the more expensive modular synths already on the market, TE decided to design an instantly rewarding, cheaper and more portable modular system. It comes in three different colors and sizes. They simply call them the 16, the 170 and the 400, spanning from $149 - $499. Teenage Engineering's goal was to create a "poor man's modular" and in order to make the system really affordable they all come in flat pack kits, ready to bend, build and assemble from scratch.

Pocket Operator goes modular

Teenage Engineering used the pocket operator platform as a starting point to develop an easy to use modular system at an affordable price (and as with all pocket operators they have of course compromised on everything except sound quality). The solution they came up with this time is three (almost disposable) pre-configured chassis' made out of thin bendable aluminium sheet metal.

Because of this, people can discover basic configurations and learn how to use and how to think about a modular synthesizer, and when they are ready to grow their system, they just move the modules to an open frame chassis and perhaps start to add more modules and configuration of their own choice.

The best part is that all modules are based on standard modular specifications with ±12 volt and 3.5 mm jacks for patching so no flimsy mini wiring like on similar low priced gear.




All kits come with a 70 pages full color build manual including examples of patches.

Single module option will be introduced later this year.


KVR Audio, Inc.