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Plugin Boutique offers Producertech Beginner's Guide to Synthesis online course for free with every purchase
1st February 2019

Plugin Boutique is offering instant free access to the Beginner's Guide to Synthesis video course from ProducerTech, usually priced at £19.99, with every purchase until March 3rd, 2019.

14 Easy Modules across 36 Videos
With its bite-size approach to teaching the art and science of synthesis, this course will guide you through every step at your own pace, helping you understand every concept before moving onto the next:

The Beginner's Guide to Synthesis course also illuminates common, specific bread-and-butter sounds and how to make them. These include Plucks, Old-School Mwarp Bass, Pad Sounds, Kick Drums and Sub Bass Drops. Where you take them next is up to you.

In the sample module below, get a taster of how to make a sweeping pad using Serum by Xfer Records: YouTube.com/watch?v=ti9e0dHsnCE

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