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Channel Robot releases SARP - free Kontakt-based arpeggiator instrument
6th February 2019

Channel Robot has announced the availability of SARP, a free Kontakt-based arpeggiator instrument.

Here's what the say:

Sometimes its easier to just do rather than say, and this unique and creative arpeggiator is one such time. Channel Robot has used the engine inside SARP in a range of products, Folio Bass, Phenomena, and others. They wanted to give everyone an opportunity to try the sequencer for free so you can learn how to use it to its potential before you purchase any of the full products that use the same arp. So here it is stand-alone and for-free.

SARP showcases Channel Robot's advanced 'Multi-key' sequencer. This enables you to run up to 8 different sequencers at the same time, based on how many and which notes are pressed on your keyboard. The first lane corresponds to the first key pressed, the second lane to the second key and so on. It's very flexible and easy to use.

There are only 8 voices to select from (2 Basses from Folio Bass, 2 voices from Phenomena, 2 from the up-coming KeyTone and 2 drum kits from the up-coming Folio Drums), so it's never going to be your go-to sound source, but for creative poly-rhythmic arpeggiations Channel Robot think its unsurpassed.

You can make Kontakt send MIDI notes out so you can even place your sound-source-of-choice right after SARP-Kontakt in your DAW to get arpeggiated sequences using other instruments. So it should be really really useful straight out of the box.

Here's a quick demo: bassarpdemo01

Available now in the free stuff section at Channel Robot - sign up now and get access.

Also available form Kontakt Hub for signed up members.

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