NuEdge releases Tin Tonic (MicroTonic in a tin, on a USB stick)

12th December 2005

NuEdge Development has released a boxed edition of Sonic Charge MicroTonic called "Tin Tonic Edition". Designed by Bitplant, the package consists of a metal can containing a USB flash memory that is used to install MicroTonic.

- View a sample image of the package

The regular price for Tin Tonic Edition is $129, but as an introductory offer during December, the price will be $89. Except for shipping and handling costs, this introduction price is the same as for the download-only version. Already registered MicroTonic owners can obtain their personal Tin Tonic for an even lower price of $49. All prices are excluding VAT, shipping and handling.

Tin Tonic Edition is only available online and shipping will commence today.

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