Ignite Amps partners with STL Tones and releases the free Emissary Plug-in Bundle

1st March 2019

Ignite Amps and STL Tones have joined forces and released the free Emissary Plug-In Bundle, featuring:

Emissary 2.0 Amp Module
Re-coded from the ground up using Ignite Amps' most advanced tube simulation algorithms, this virtual amp features a versatile clean channel that ranges from pristine cleans to slightly overdriven tones and the most brutal lead channel, designed for serious bone-crushing distortions.

The NadIR 2.0 Dual Cab IR Loader
Re-designed to be even easier to use with additional functionalities, it's a ZERO latency dual cabinet simulator for guitar and bass (pre) amplifiers (both software and hardware). Providing advanced analog-shaped built-in filters, resonance, delay and room controls to let the user shape his tone with ease.

6 studio-grade cabinet Impulse Responses, captured at Kick Recording Studio using the hardware Emissary poweramp loaded with 6L6s paired with a Randall 4x12 Kirk Hammett Signature Limited Edition and different microphones and positions.

KVR Audio, Inc.