PSPaudioware releases PSP HertzRider with Intro Offer

12th March 2019

PSPaudioware has announced the release of a new frequency shifter plug-in called PSP HertzRider.

PSP say HertzRider can be an incredible tool for tuning inharmonic sounds like snares, and for harmonic sounds it becomes a creative and crazy destructive tool. In addition to a wide range of shifting settings the algorithm contains an LFO (low frequency oscillator) to provide interesting modulation options allowing you to further creatively experiment with this tool.

PSP HertzRider is designed to be as simple as possible, to take as few resources as possible, and to incur only a very slight (and frequency dependent) latency.


Introductory offer
Until March 26th 2019 you can buy PSP HertzRider at the special introductory price of $39. Starting from the 27th March 2019 the regular price of $49 will be applied.

KVR Audio, Inc.