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Sound Magic releases Fazioli Rose 2.0 and announces Kingdom of Pianos Sale Event
15th March 2019

Sound Magic has released version 2.0 of Fazioli Rose, a major new version of the virtual instrument piano plug-in, now featuring four hand-picked Fazioli pianos:

  1. Fazioli "Brunei": A limited-edition custom design of F308, this model was hand-crafted in Italy and is one of the world's most expensive and renowned concert grands. Famous for its expressive, dynamic, and clear highs that sing with clarity, this versatile sound fits into all types of genres.
  2. Fazioli F308: The piano that really set itself apart from standard manufacturers, the Fazioli F308 features 97 keys, a 4th pedal, and expressive sound all in one dynamic package with sweet, singing highs, immense power, and a rich, distinct tone.
  3. F308 Basslord: Another F308 but with special mic positioning closer to the bass strings, the charming, yet powerful bass hits the sweet singing highs and makes you feel as if you're sitting in front of a genuine 10" grand.
  4. Fazioli F275: The latest model 275 from Fazioli, it's inherited all the classic sounds you love with enhanced clarity on highs. This makes it more suitable for today's most popular music genres, such as pop, rock and jazz.

Fazioli Rose is priced at $149 and provided as plugin for Mac (AU 32-/64-bit, VST 32-/64-bit) and Windows (VST 32-/64-bit).

Sound Magic has also announced its Kingdom of Pianos Sale Event, which start from March 18th until March 24th. It has discounts (up to 50%) on several piano instruments, Chinese instruments and effect units.

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