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Radium Audio updates Radium Music Editor to v5.9.49
23rd March 2019

Radium Audio has updated Radium for Linux, macOS, and Windows to v5.9.49.

Radium is a vertical music editor. It's inspired by trackers, but uses more graphics to show musical data. Radium is also a multitracker and supports MIDI sequencing and hard disk recording.

Radium has features like smooth scrolling, zooming, automation, piano roll, modular mixer, embedded Pure Data (Pd), and embedded Faust.

Changes since 5.7.8:

Full change log: github.com/kmatheussen/radium/blob/master/Changelog.

Price: Download/upgrade access costs 2-10 EUR per month or 20-100 EUR per year. Note that Radium is not rental software, the period you pay for is only the period you have upgrade access.

[1] Git commits between 5.7.8 and 5.9.49.

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