Muletone Audio releases "Brazilian Series: Repinique" for Kontakt

25th March 2019

Muletone Audio has released Brazilian Series: Repinique for Kontakt 5.6+.

Here's what they say:

The Repinique was established in samba percussion in the 1950s. This drum was made out of wood with natural heads made from goatskin. Normally used in samba schools (percussion ensembles). It's tuned very high to produce a tone that cuts through the sound of the rest of the ensemble.

The library features performances by Robson Batata, with a wide choice of grooves and rhythmic variations making it possible to combine dozens of patterns within the song. The Brazilian Series Repinique comes with more than 80 loops in addition to single Hits.

The Repinique library was recorded at João Francisco's studio in Belo Horizonte, Brazil, in a great room with 4 microphones. A Neumann KM 184, a Shure SM 57, a Neumann U 87 and a Bock Audio 251 were used for the room. Two preamps – API 512c, one Vintech Audio 573 and one Grace 501 routed in a Symphony Apogee were used in the audio capture.

Price: $17.99.


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