Audeon releases UFO v1.0

20th December 2005

Audeon has released the Windows VSTi version of UFO (Unique Filters and Oscillators), a new synth that combines Audeon's "TransModal Synthesis" technology with an intuitive user interface concept.

TransModal Synthesis relies on K-Osc, an oscillator model capable of smoothly transitioning between various oscillation modes like harmonic, noisy or chaotic, and Morphilter, a filter allowing continuous transitions between modes (low-pass, high-pass, etc.). Coupled with a powerful modulation matrix, UFO's synthesis engine lets you accurately shape your sound and its evolution over time with ease.

UFO key strengths are:

UFO is available as a VSTi for Windows for an introductory price of $199 / €175; a Mac version is in development. A demo version is available.

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