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2getheraudio releases ST3REO - Software tool for enhancing music tracks, stems, loops, and mixes
5th June 2019

2getheraudio has released ST3REO, an audio effects plugin for enhancing the stereo image and thickness of mono or stereo audio tracks.

Like the name suggests, ST3REO offers music producers a software tool for sweetening music tracks, stems, loops or even full music mixes in the stereo field. More than just a widener, ST3REO offers options for frequency control and modulation of the enhanced signal and works on both mono or stereo audio tracks. A second layer of widening is also possible via the Phase Dispersion Circuit, with adjustable phase shift and depth of the effect.

Prog and metal rockers could benefit from ST3REO's ability to create the classic guitar wall-of-sound while producers of all music styles may appreciate ST3REO's versatility for creating more subtle enhancements. ST3REO's meticulously engineered software circuits let you place, widen and even pitch modulate (chorus/flange/vibrato) any incoming mono or stereo audio source, including synths, vocals, guitars, drums and special effects.

Price: 2getheraudio's Pay-What-You-Want (minimum $10) business model so all musicians, regardless of their ability to pay, have access to this software. A free trial is available at 2getheraudio.com.

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