FluffyAudio releases Venice Modern Strings for Kontakt with Introductory Price

7th June 2019

Fluffyaudio has released Venice Modern Strings, a sampled string orchestra for Kontakt 5 which features 8 first violins, 6 second violins, 5 violas, 5 cellos and 3 doublebasses.

The library features three kinds of legato: portamento, fingered legato and bow change legato. There's a polyphonic legato engine, mainly derived by Dominus, Staccato and Staccatissimo articulations, Short and Long Arcs and a small selection of sustain articulations. Every articulation has a set of advanced controls: A user can change the parameters to have a more agile legato, dynamically stretch the Arcs to adapt them into their piece or control the velocity curve for articulations like Pizzicato, Staccato and Staccatissimo.

All the long articulations may be modulated by the morph engine: this allows to create custom articulations by dynamically modulating two different string techniques, in many different ways.

The library also includes single articulation patches, ensembles and low memory footprint patches.

Price: 399 $ / 399 € - Modern Strings is available at the introductory price of 349 $ / € until June, 20th at fluffyaudio.com



KVR Audio, Inc.