Kuassa updates Plug-ins and Rack Extensions

11th July 2019

Kuassa has updated their Plug-ins and Rack Extensions: Caliburn (version 1.0.6), Matchlock (version 1.0.1), Efektor Modulation Bundle RE (version1.0.2), Vermilion RE (version 1.2.3), Creme RE (version 1.1.2), Cerberus Bass RE (version1.1.0).

Changes for each products are as follows:

Amplifikation Caliburn (VST/VST3/AU/AAX/Standalone) updated to v1.0.6:

Amplifikation Matchlock (VST/VST3/AU/AAX/Standalone) updated to v1.0.1:

Efektor CH3604, Efektor FL3606, Efektor PH3605 and Efektor TR3604 (Rack Extension) updated to v1.0.2:

Amplifikation Caliburn (Rack Extension) updated to v1.0.6:

Amplifikation Vermilion (Rack Extension) updated to v1.2.3:

Amplifikation Creme (Rack Extension) updated to v1.1.2:

Cerberus Bass Amp (Rack Extension) updated to v1.1.0:

Updates for the Kuassa VST/VST3/Audio Unit/AAX Plug-ins and Standalone can be downloaded via Kuassa downloads page. While updates for Rack Extension version can be accessed from Propellerhead's product page.

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