SonalSystem releases "Dark Matter", "Break Beet Roots", and "TranShifted Guitars" microSDs for Eurorack

14th August 2019

SonalSystem has released TranShifted Guitars, Dark Matter - Tales From The Synth Side vol 1-2, and Break Beet Roots Micro SD Soundware for Eurorack modular units like the 1010 Bit Box / BlackBox, Make Noise Morphagene, Qu-Bit Nebulae, and other great SD equipped gear. The Micro SD cards are packed with sounds and cue point embedded loops for modular-based composers.

Designed to be totally plug and play, the cards are formatted and embedded with meticulously pre-sliced sound at intuitive cue points. Many Eurorack modules instantly read the content with no editing necessary.

The loops and samples are high quality recorded audio files, specially edited for use in modular hardware. They say: "No need to spend your precious creative time sample editing in a studioļ¼plug in these immaculate, pre-edited, embedded (and in some cases, looped.) tracks and focus your energy creating straight from your Eurorack. The Micro SD Soundware Packs are designed to cover the core spectrum of sound, promising a sublime experience for anyone with an ear to take something morphable and make it into their own irreproducible showpiece."

Price: $65 each at:


KVR Audio, Inc.