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Celemony releases MelodyneBridge v3.0.1 AU Patch
17th January 2006

Celemony has released a version 3.0.1 patch for the AU version of the MelodyneBridge. They also announced the Universal Binary versions of the Melodyne family of products.


NOTE: The patched AU version is actually v3.0.1.7 and can be connected to Melodyne v3.0.1.5.

Celemony also announced version 1.5 updates for Melodyne uno and Melodyne essential, to be released at the end of January, which will be compatible with the new Intel Macs, as will the multi-track Melodyne cre8 and studio with version 3.1 to be released in the spring.

These updates offering Intel Core Duo compatibility will be free for registered Melodyne users. Further information will be appearing shortly on the Celemony web site.

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