Xhun Audio releases ResonHeart Mechanical Synthesizer with Intro Offer

4th October 2019

Xhun Audio has announced the release of ResonHeart, a physical modeling simulation of an experimental, aerophone-based acoustic instrument. Xhun Audio says this is a never seen before clockwork mechanical synthesizer with no electronic components involved in its sound generation process.

Characterized by a complex modal-based architecture, this original machine has expressly been built to mimic the sound of different families of acoustic instruments - like winds, membranes, chromatic percussions, ethnic lutes and whistles, glasses, cymbals and crashes, vocal ensembles and choirs, or even an entire orchestral strings section - as well as to produce very unconventional, organic tones, evolving textures and expressive motion pads.

Working on the principles of fluid dynamics and designed to potentially be a real-world replicable machine, every single component inside ResonHeart has been modeled after existing hardware - commercially available devices like air pumps, pneumatic valves and metal resonators. Also the surrounding room acoustics has been carefully modeled, simulating a wide range of spatial environments, from small chambers to big concert halls, to stone-walled cathedrals and beyond.

ResonHeart features a single-view, clean and intuitive interface, making the sound designing process just simple and effective.


Features and specifications:

ResonHeart is available now from the online Xhun Audio shop. Its price is set to 69 €/Euro but during the first week of release there's a special introductory offer with a 45% discount, so ResonHeart can be purchased for 39.90 €/Euro.

Audio demos: SoundCloud.com/xhun-audio/sets/resonheart-audio-demos

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