Andrew Macaulay releases Modules for Voltage Modular - 5 new modules, now 36 modules in total

25th October 2019

Andrew Macaulay has released Andrew Macaulay's Modules Release 3 for Voltage Modular. The latest release includes five brand new modules as well as significant enhancements to nine existing modules plus fixes and other updates to existing modules.

This release brings the number of Andrew Macaulay's Modules software modules for Voltage Modular by Cherry Audio to 36 in total, all of which are included in the Ultimate Bundle collection or variously in the five separate bundles:

The five new modules are a MIDI Display, a CV Delay and Triple CV Processor with multiple slopes, sync'able timings and three channels to process CVs such as LFO, the Delay LFO taking the CV Delay and adding an LFO with multiple waveforms, the Mini-Delay LFO providing a simplified/small form factor Delayed LFO module, and the Wave Mixer to provide blended, additive and AM-style mixing of audio or LFO waves from any device with CV control.

All these new modules and enhancement are provided free for existing users – the next time you use Voltage Modular they will be downloaded, or you will be notified of them. Full details of the changes in this release are available here.

For new users, Andrew Macaulay's Modules for Voltage Modular can be purchased in Cherry Audio store, with all current modules priced between $10 and $15, individual bundles priced between $15 and $20 and the Ultimate Bundle collection (including all five current bundles) priced at just $45 for all of the 36 modules, around 85% discount verses individual modules.

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